Wholesale + Stockist Information

Instructions for using our Order Form:
Click on the link above to download the order form. Depending on your computer and its permissions, you may be required to approve the download before viewing it.
Once downloaded, you may be required to enable editing before adding your order. Once editing has been enabled insert the following into the light blue area of the "order sheet" tab:
  • Order Date
  • Bill To and Ship To information
  • PO Number
  • If you are picking up the order at our facility, toggle cell G25 to YES
  • Input the desired quantity of each SKU into column E
  • Add any purchaser comments in row 135 and 136
Save and an excel file and send completed form to finance (@) bucknakedsoapcompany.com
Your invoice and a credit card payment link will be emailed to your email on file when the order has shipped