Doing Good with One Drop

Humanity, sustainability, and the environment are core values at Buck Naked. As champions of equality, we've partnered with One Drop Foundation to address these issues

Ripple Effect Soap Bar

Water may be the source of all life, but safe water is how life thrives! Access to water creates positive cyclical momentum for change because it has an interconnected nature. This understanding led us to partner with One Drop Foundation, allocating 2% of annual profits and 10% of sales proceeds from our Ripple Effect line directly to the Foundation. The collaboration grew organically from the fact that hand washing remains the most efficient method for preventing the spread of viruses, including COVID-19, and many other infectious and parasitic diseases.

Despite the seemingly simple solution, 40% of the world's population cannot wash their hands at home with soap, and 16% of health care facilities and 47% of schools lack basic handwashing facilities*. Proceeds from this partnership will benefit the One Drop Foundation mission, to unite people and empower communities to solve the water and climate crisis through innovative, sustainable actions.

Our partnership with One Drop and commitment to sustainability calls us to align our business goals with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs are 17 interconnected global goals aimed at creating a better and more sustainable world. Buck Naked employs several of these principles. We strive to incorporate and achieve these goals through our work. By focusing on mindfulness in business, with a strong focus on sustainability, we are disruptors in the bath and body industry. Bringing the SDGs into everyday life.


"Individually we are one drop, together we create a ripple effect of change."


Click here to learn more about One Drop Foundation and turning water into action.

Goal #3 good health and well-being

Buck Naked's mission is to provide bath and body essentials that promote health and well-being. With our truly natural and sustainable approach to manufacturing and raw material sourcing, we reduce the hazards of harmful chemicals entering the body.

Goal #5 gender equality

Our raw material sources are carefully researched, ensuring women have access to leadership and fair wages. This includes membership in the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and the use of only GSA Shea Butter.

Goal #6 clean water and sanitation

As opposed to traditional bath and body products, Buck Naked uses less water in its formulations. Additionally, we ensure formulations contain nontoxic, natural raw materials that are biodegradable, reducing water pollution. Having CertClean certification assures harmful ingredients are not present in our products.

As part of our commitment to clean water and sanitation, Buck Naked donates 2% of annual profits to One Drop for global safe water initiatives. We developed our Ripple Effect line specifically to raise awareness of the urgent need for safe water and highlight our partnership with One Drop Foundation. With every Ripple Effect product sold, 10% of sales proceeds will be donated to One Drop.

Goal #8 decent work and economic growth

We promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work through our supplier and raw material sourcing. Supporting only those suppliers who provide decent work, fair wages, and opportunity.

Goal #9 industry, innovation, and infrastructure

As members of industry associations that support secure jobs and income in underserved communities, we foster innovation and inclusive industrialization.

Goal #12 responsible consumption and production

Buck Naked's business philosophy centers on responsible and sustainable production. All raw materials are researched. In this way, we can ensure that our formulations don't contain endangered or at-risk ingredients.

By the end of 2024, Buck Naked will ensure all packaging and shipping materials are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and/or carbon neutral. Reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. 

Goal #13 climate action

Buck Naked understands the impact business can have on climate change and is committed to producing and manufacturing in a greener way. By tackling these SDGs, we can fight climate change.

Goal #17 partnership for the goals

Partnerships that push the cause of sustainable development will enhance the implementation of our preferred SDGs. Together with One Drop Foundation, we can collectively make a more significant impact worldwide. For every dollar we donate to One Drop Foundation, 7 dollars in actual funding is unlocked and allocated directly to water missions around the world.



* Cooper, Kurtis (March 13, 2020). "Handwashing with soap, critical in the fight against coronavirus, is 'out of reach' f billions - UNICEF". Retreived October 31, 2022.