The Perfect Gift for Every Milestone

Whether it’s 18 or 80, milestone birthdays are a time to pause, reflect and celebrate. Buying a gift for someone who is having a special birthday can feel a bit daunting because you want to get it right — but with a bit of thought and creativity, you can give the lucky birthday girl or boy something they’re sure to cherish.

At Buck Naked, we’re all about experiences that make people feel good and are gentle on the planet. We spoke to Blue Nile to share our top tips for choosing the perfect milestone birthday gift.

Firstly, think about what the birthday person loves more than anything. Do they have some specific passions or interests that you could incorporate? What do they need to make life easier? Look for some clues and you’re sure to be set on the right path.

Secondly, the old adage is true: It’s not what you give, it really is the thought put into it, so make it special. Think about what would really bring the birthday boy or girl joy. Maybe it’s a beautiful keepsake, tickets to see their favorite band or a show they love at the theatre. Or, for someone who needs some “me time”, you could plan out the perfect spa night and assemble a kit. Make it an experience, more than just a gift.

For milestone birthdays we suggest a spa kit of artisan soap, bath bomb, salt soak, and matching wooden wick candle, specifically chosen with a scent in mind for the intended. Our products are perfect despite someone’s age, but the one thing we all have in common in this COVID climate is relaxation. The best gift you can give anyone is aromatherapy, peace of mind, and a little alone time!

Regardless of whether you are buying for a child, parent, or grandparent, by thinking about what they truly value in life, you are sure to choose something that they will remember for years to come.

For more gift ideas, take a look at our beautiful range of natural, vegan and sustainable bath and body products.


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