Suds Up – Introducing Our Bold and Sassy New Soap Bars!

Hold onto your soap dishes because Buck Naked Soap Company is bringing some serious fun to your shower routine with our latest creations! Say hello to our new soap bars: Roasted Toffee, Cake Batter, Coconut + Neroli Kaleidoscope, and the limited summer edition, Orange Cream.

Each soap bar scent is custom-blended in-house with all-natural essential oils because we know you appreciate our natural, bold and sassy personality. With so many bath and body brands compromising on natural in favour of what’s popular and on tread, we’re staying true to our founding principles of natural, sustainable, and vegan – with an extra dash of cheekiness!

First up, Roasted Toffee. It’s as rich and decadent as it sounds, perfect for those mornings when you need an indulgent start with an almost nutty sweet scent. Next, we have Cake Batter soap bar– because who doesn’t want to smell like a bakery dream? Plus, it’s a visual stunner, it’s your birthday every day with this one!

Feeling tropical? Our Coconut + Neroli Kaleidoscope bar soap is like a mini vacation in your shower. It’s a vibrant blend that will transport you to a sunny paradise. And let’s not forget our limited summer edition, Orange Cream bar soap. It’s a nostalgic nod to those dreamy creamsicles from your childhood, but all grown up and sophisticated.

These new soap bars are not just about fun scents – they’re packed with skin-loving ingredients that will leave you feeling fabulous. Plus, they’re here to remind you that your skincare routine can be as playful and unique as you are.

Get ready to lather up and let these soap bars add some sass to your day!


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