Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples - Cancel Canada Day

[Content Warning: mention of genocide against Indigenous peoples and residential schools]


So, it’s July 1st. 

Since its inception, Canada Day has served as a reminder of the atrocious treatment of Indigenous peoples both in the past and in the present. 

Inuk Influencer, Actress and stunt performer, Marika Sila explains, "Before this land was renamed "Canada" The Indigenous people have always referred to it as Turtle Island. "Canada" Day marks the beginning of colonization and the attempted genocide against the Indigenous peoples."

Just one of these atrocities is the Residential School system and its impacts including intergenerational trauma. Currently, the number stands at 1323 children’s bodies found and an estimated overall 20,000+ children died through neglect and murder.

Support is available for anyone affected by the lasting traumas of residential schools, and those who are triggered by the latest reports. The Indian Residential School Survivors Society can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-721-0066.  


In June, our team in solidarity with, and in support of, the survivors of the residential school system, announced that we would be donating 100% of our online sales profit from June 1-7 and June 21 to the Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS). While many wounds may never disappear, it’s time to begin healing this nation.

We have decided to donate all sales from this time, rather than just the profits, to IRSSS. Thank you to everyone who has supported, and has made it possible to donate $3311.43! Our hope is that through sharing how our community has been able to work together through this small act, it will in turn encourage others to take action in whatever method is available to you.

We call upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do the right thing and work toward true reconciliation and apologize for not only the government's role, but the role of the Trudeau family, in the pain inflicted on Indigenous peoples and communities for generations.

If you are able to provide financial support, please consider donating directly to the IRSSS. They provide essential services to Residential School Survivors, their families, and those dealing with Intergenerational traumas. 


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