Sip and Soak – Custom Summer Iced Tea Blends with Buck Naked Gourmet Teas!

Grab your fanciest teacup and prepare for the ultimate tea party because we have taken your self-care game to a whole new level! With our custom-blended loose-leaf teas: Vanilla Chai and Moroccan Rose.

Why tea, you ask? Well, yes, Buck Naked is known for our unique all natural vegan bar soap and bath lines, but knew that just wasn’t enough for the perfect bathing experience. We wanted to create something that complemented our ever-popular Vanilla Chai and Moroccan Rose bath and body line. Something that would add to, and enhance, your ultimate oasis. Imagine this: you’re soaking in a tub filled with our luxurious bath products, now you can sip on a matching tea that brings the same sense of calm and indulgence.

Our Vanilla Chai blend is bold and spicy, just like you! It’s perfect for those days when you need a little extra kick. It’s a true chai. Meanwhile, our Moroccan Rose is smooth, light, and refreshing – ideal for when you’re channeling your inner zen master.

We believe in these tea blends so much that we spent nearly a year consulting with a master tea blender and testing so many cups of tea that we were buzzing, to get these blends just right. With the strong commitment, connection and care we have for and about the planet, we chose to offer a loose leaf tea over traditional bagged tea. Not only is it more sustainable (bye-bye, plastic-fiber mix bags), it also lets you customize the strength to your liking. Strong enough to wake up a hibernating bear or light as a summer breeze? You decide!

Oh, did we mention these teas are certified US and Canadian organic? Because we’re all about that natural life, inside and out. So, get ready to sip, soak, and seriously chill with our new custom-blended teas.

Cheers to pampering from the inside out!

Summer Iced Tea Recipes
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