Key Steps to Keep Your Wooden Wick Burning

Nothing beats the delightful scent of a newly burned candle. Over at Buck Naked, Buck Naked coconut wax candleswe offer hand-poured candles that come in colorful Polish glasses. What makes our candles so special is that we use wooden wicks rather than the traditional braided cotton. Wooden wicks are relatively new to the scene of the candle-making industry. Sometimes they can be challenging to keep lit, so here are key steps to keep your wooden wick burning:

Light Wick from the Base

If this is your first time lighting the candle, it’s important that you light the wick from the base. Once it is lit, the heat of the flame will draw the coconut wax through the wick so that it can burn consistently for hours. To light the wick from the base, we suggest holding your candle at an angle to best reach the base of the wick. It may take several tries to get it lit, but when done correctly, you will enjoy the crackling, flickering, and cozy ambiance!

Burn Until Wax Melts Evenly 

So, you finally got your wooden wick lit! Now, how do you make sure your candle doesn’t start tunneling? The best way to avoid this is to let the candle burn for 2-4 hours so that the wax melts evenly from edge to edge. Avoid placing your candle in an area where drafts may affect the burning. Coconut wax has a memory, so if a ring develops because the wax did not melt evenly, it can be permanently tunneled for the life of the candle. The first burn is the most crucial, so make sure it is done correctly!

Trim After Each Use

Once your candle has burned evenly for a few hours, you can blow it out. The next step is to clean up and trim your wick to better equip you for the next burn. For optimal burning, your wick should be trimmed to about 1/8 – 1/4” each time it is lit. If you notice there are ashes or debris in your pool of wax, be sure to fish them out with a damp cloth.

Although wood wick candles require a little extra care, these lovely candles fill the room with invigorating scents that will surely appeal to your senses. Wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as thousands of wicks can be attained from a single tree. They give off a crackle that’s similar to a fireplace for those warm, calming vibes. These candles also produce less soot than traditional wicks.

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  • Julie Cyrenne : April 24, 2023

    Love your candles, I have several !
    Will you be selling refills for your glass containers ?

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