Join us on the Naughty List: Holiday Gift Roundup


At Buck Naked, delicate and over edited beauty has never really been our thing. As we enter the Holiday season, we're all inundated with picture-perfect ideals of what the season should look like. Perfectly wrapped presents with bows. Harmonious family dinners and perfectly curated gift lists that claim to serve everyone on your list. 

We always opt for the raw and organic nature of things, and revel in the beauty that can be revealed. So we say 'screw the nice list!' Screw the idea of clean-cut, by-the-book-bullshit. Join us on the Naughty List, it's so much more fun.


You can also keep some of the items from our Holiday collection on hand for emergency gifts. The next time somebody surprises you with a gift, you can reach into your desk, cupboard, or trunk—”oops! I left yours in the car”—and feel like a Holiday Hero.


Vanilla Chai Holiday Set

Sweet, spicy and steeped in tradition. Introducing Vanilla Chai, the latest scent introduced to the Buck Naked line. It brings together notes of soft vanilla and spicy clove to create a blissfully aromatic bathing experience. Including authentic elements of cardamom, ginger, clove, cinnamon and black tea, this gift set features a Vanilla Chai soap, bath bomb, salt soak and (exclusive to this set) candle.


Old Fashioned Holiday Set

Where masculinity, femininity, and that unflappable old-fashioned confidence of Don Draper meet.

Brought together with aromatic vanilla, vetiver, lavender and cedar, this set is romantic and desirable. Including elements of Canadian Whisky, the world's purest Magnesium Chloride from the Netherlands, Hawaiian lava salt and Brazilian black clay, this gift set features a soap, bath bomb, salt soak and candle.

Juniper & Spruce Holiday Set

Juniper + Spruce incites memory, and holiday-inspired scents flood us with wonderful recollections of family and friends. This year, we have developed a new scent profile with Juniper + Spruce which, you will want to carry through your house and into the bathroom. 


Holiday Soap Trios

These holiday sets make perfect gifts for family, friends, and other loved ones. They’re also perfect for treating yourself. Nothing makes a better hostess, bath lovers or gift exchange gift this holiday season.

A collection of Buck Naked's best-selling bars. Includes our Charcoal + Anise Bar – detoxifying, smooth and full of lather, Coffee Start Up Bar – exfoliating, rich and spicy and Oatmeal + Almond Milk Bar – hydrating, protein rich and creamy. Pick up the perfect holiday gift, all wrapped in a bow!

We also have our best-sellers trio soap pack including, Cranberry Mint - exfoliating, rich and stimulating, Vanilla Chai - smooth, antioxidant rich and creamy and Juniper + Spruce - hydrating, antioxidant rich, bubbly


During this busy season, remember to take time for yourself.

Happy Holidays!

Be Naughty, Bathe Buck Naked!


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