How to Make Your Next Self-Care Bath A Mental Health Booster

It’s officially Mental Health Awareness Month! Millions of people around the globe face the

reality of living with a mental illness. Each year, we strive to fight the stigma, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support those who battle mental illness. Many of these conditions remain undiagnosed, so it’s imperative we pay close attention to ourselves and the ones we love.

If you have noticed your mental health could use some assistance, we encourage incorporating daily or weekly activities to give you a boost when you are feeling low. You can greatly benefit from winding down in the comfort of your own home in a luxurious environment that promotes relaxation, peace, and serenity. According to research, a regular warm bath can have a greater effect on mood than physical exercise. Other studies indicate soaking in a bath before bed can also aid sleep. Bath time has been a sacred activity for many people who want to clear their mind and calm their body. Consider taking a revitalizing bath to wash away the struggles of the day.

Here are a few ways to make your next self-care bath a mental health booster:

Light Some Candles

Setting the ambiance of the room is the first step to creating a calming space for yourself. Candles promote relaxation due to their dim-lighting hue, but they also transform an atmosphere through scent, which changes the way we feel. If you’ve ever lit a candle for meditation, romantic dates, or even birthdays, you have set the mood of the room with this simple action. Remember that candles emit specific scents that have a direct effect on your body.

For example, people have enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy for thousands of years. Think of lavender-scented candles, known for alleviating headaches, and reducing stress and anxiety. The smell of the scented candle stimulates the part of your brain that is connected to your memory and mood. From boosting energy to enhancing mental clarity, the healing properties from a lit scented candle can deliver psychological effects. No matter which scents you prefer, you surely won’t be disappointed when you light a delicious-smelling candle to de-stress in the tub.

Add Essential Oils

Adding drops of essential oils to your bath water is another bathing ritual that can enhance your next soak. When you fill your bathroom with strong scents and aromas, each fragrance appeals to your senses. You can turn any typical bath routine into a luxurious ritual by adding lemon, eucalyptus, or chamomile essential oils to the tub. Eucalyptus is extremely refreshing and stimulating. It helps open up your nasal passages similar to menthol, as well as relieves aches and pains in the joints and muscles.

Aromatherapy is a natural way to excite our sense of smell and improve our psychological well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Your smell receptors send messages through your nervous system to your brain, activating your limbic system, which plays a role in your emotions.

Use Buck Naked Bath Bombs and Bath Melts

Using Bath Bombs or Bath Melts has become one of the most common therapeutic practices due to its delightful and entertaining experience. Throwing a bath bomb into the tub and watching the water shape-shift through a variety of colors and natural fragrances can be the highlight of your self-care bath time.  

Studies show that taking a long soak in the tub can be as effective in boosting our mental health as taking a long walk. After comparing the effects of taking regular hot baths on 45 patients suffering from severe to moderate depression, it was found that relaxing in the hot water significantly improved their mental health in a positive way.

Bath Bombs and Bath Melts help you set the mood and ambiance of your bath, but they also work wonders for your skin. Sometimes soaking in a warm-to-hot bath can leave your skin feeling itchy, flaky, and dry. Over at Buck Naked, we formulated our Bath Bombs and Bath Melts with all-natural, conditioning and moisturizing ingredients.  Each one is designed to transform your regular bath experience to a lavish, luxurious oasis. They are a new must in your self-care bathing ritual!

Calm the mind, body, and soul with Buck Naked’s Bath Bombs or Bath Melts now! You truly will not be disappointed.

Although these recommendations can help you relax and unwind, it’s crucial that you seek professional assistance for mental health when needed. There are a variety of resources available for additional information: Government of Canada’s Mental Health and Wellness, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Mental Health, and United for Global Mental Health. 


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