Divine Feminine Collection: A Reminder to Honour the Divine Feminine


In a world that celebrates logic over intuition, action over patience and rationality over emotion, the worldly balance between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies has been altered.

Ancient archetypes brought forward concepts of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. Living on an energetic level, not a physical one, The Divine energies mingle and meet in the perfect state of balance. Emily Torres from The Good Trade blog describes this as "The feminine and the masculine are not singular and siloed energies—instead, they exist in balance."




There is a cosmic need for us to rebalance as individuals; a need for all humanity to embrace the Divine feminine - outside of gender and gender expression. 

Making space for reflection, unlearning, & expanding.

Let's see each other for all of the incredible energies and gifts that we bring to the table. Better yet! Let's see ourselves as the incredible energies & gifts that we are.

This is the goal of our new Buck Naked Soap Company Divine Feminine Collection; to act as a reminder to honour the Divine Feminine energies that live within each of us. It's not about fitting into a neat little box, it's about balance and freedom to honour ourselves without judgement.

The collection includes 6 different essential oil perfumes including:


Gardenia Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

Found in gardens the world over, gardenias are known for their exquisite beauty and effervescent, floral scent. Often found to have a deep, rich scent, our gardenia blend is elevated with cassia for just the right balance of sweet, spicy and floral

Jasmine Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

Intoxicating. Calming. Sensuous. Jasmine is Persian for “God’s Gift”. Our Moroccan Rose Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is truly a gift for the senses, and in Hinduism is known as the ‘perfume of love’ for its aphrodisiac properties.

Lavender + Geranium Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

Delicate and harmonizing lavender is carefully blended with sweet, herbaceous geranium to create a balance of calming and grounding properties. The combination of which is romantic and comforting.

Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

Spring brings out some of nature’s best. Among the best are Lemon and Lavender. Soft and sweet - yet with a little zest - this Crystal Infused Perfume Oil makes for a beautiful and delicate scent while offering all the aromatherapeutic benefits of relaxation, clarity and renew your spirits. 

Moroccan Rose Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

Soft, sweet and steeped with romance. Our Moroccan Rose Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is an exquisite coupling of old-world tradition and contemporary elegance. Sophisticated notes of rose, inspire connection and confidence, and warm vanilla calm the mind, this combination makes for a soft, sensual floral sweetness.

The Old Fashioned Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

The Old Fashioned Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is where masculinity, femininity and the unflappable old-fashioned confidence of Don Draper meet – where a blend of soft, sweet and musky essential oils come together to calms the senses.

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