Combat Black Friday Overconsumption: Buy Nothing Day


Don't shop here. At least, not today.

Buck Naked prides ourselves on being a natural, sustainable bath, body and beauty brand that is bold and uncompromising. 

Being Buck Naked is to be unadulterated, raw and vulnerable.

This is why we are staying true to our values of 

1) Honesty, integrity and Inclusivity
2) Humanity, sustainability and the environment
and asking you to join us in participating in Buy Nothing Day.

The day after American Thanksgiving is Black Friday, the single busiest shopping day of the year. It’s also Buy Nothing Day, a campaign started in 1992 by Kalle Lasn, co-founder of the Canadian not-for-profit magazine Adbusters. The pseudo-holiday encourages us to take a hard look at consumerism and our part in the machine. It’s a “24-hour purchase-free protest” that strikes at the heart of mindless consumption.

 Instead of scouring the Internet for deals on products you probably don’t need, let’s spend today connecting with ourselves and our families, practising gratitude for what we have, and reducing our burden on the planet. Here are some ways we can start:

Unplugging with your Family


Instead of sitting together to watch television or apart on your phones, take a walk and get to know your neighbourhood better. Find a recipe and make a meal together as a unit. Or dust off one of your family’s favourite board games. Take pleasure in knowing that happiness isn't a result of consumption but rather meaningful time spent with those you love.

Extending the Life of your Products

You’ve probably heard of planned obsolescence, which is when companies embed in their products an expiration date (because it is obsolete, unfashionable, or no longer usable). It’s the reason your phone slows down around the launch of the newest model. Challenge the status quo by repairing your products (alone or with the help of a professional) instead of replacing them; buying second-hand instead of new (such as books and clothing); and sharing products with others (such as car sharing programs and item libraries). You can also extend the life of products beyond your ownership by selling or donating them. 

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Decrease your environmental impact (and utility bills) in the winter by lowering your thermostat and dressing in layers; in the summer, use your air conditioner only when needed and block the sun with drapes and blinds. Choose to walk or cycle instead of driving to eliminate your commute altogether, speak to your employer about working from home. And waste less food by shopping for less and in shorter intervals—that way your groceries are eaten instead of thrown away.

Buck Naked is proud to do our part in combating social and environmental harm. Our products are crafted with labour from workers earning livable wages and made with all-natural, sustainable sourced ingredients. By supporting Buck Naked and our North American wholesalers, you’re helping a small, local business create jobs and change industry practices for the better.

But today we ask you to leave your cart empty. 

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  • Margaret: January 11, 2022

    BRAVO! Truly a great message which I will happily and proudly partake in leaving my cart empty this Black Friday.

    I will have to fill my cart with your incredible Rhassoul clay shampoo bars soon as my current supply runs low! Sale or not they are a must have!
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