Calling Out Thanksgiving Bullsh*t

Tell us if this sounds familiar. You and your family gather around the dinner table, happy to see each other and share a meal. But then somebody says something ignorant. A family member opens his or her mouth, but instead of calling out this person, agrees. Takes the comment even further. Then you realize, because of the racist brainwashing we all receive, not only have you heard this many times before, a part of you believes it.
Before you work on others’ ignorance, you need to work on your own. This holiday weekend, any time you hear one of the following myths, dispel it with truth.
Together, let’s call out this Thanksgiving bullsh*t when we hear it.
"Christopher Columbus discovered North America in 1492."
Actually, Indigenous peoples have been living on Turtle Island (currently referred to as North America) for at least 14,000 years and are the original occupants of this land.
"Indigenous peoples gave away their land."
Actually, land was stolen from Indigenous peoples and there are many ongoing treaty violations. Land acknowledgements are a great way to educate, but action is needed to restore land to its rightful owners.
"Indigenous peoples rely too much on the government."
Actually, the Canadian government has largely abandoned Indigenous peoples, many of whom don't have access to safe housing, clean drinking water, or adequate education.
"Indigenous peoples have the same opportunities we do."
Actually, Indigenous peoples face additional barriers finding employment (including racism and sexism) and Indigenous women earn 46 cents on the dollar compared to non-Indigenous men.
Remember to speak up early and often. Together we can call out prejudice and misinformation and begin the conversation necessary for tackling and eventually defeat structural racism.


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