Buck Naked Soap Company partners with One Drop Foundation

Buck Naked Soap Company partners with One Drop Foundation

The team at Buck Naked Soap Company is proud to announce our partnership with One Drop Foundation. This global organization has had a mission since 2007 to ensure sustainable access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Effective immediately, a portion of all product sales will be donated to this life-saving organization.

Buck Naked aims to use our platform to provide education and stimulate social change for the betterment of our collective social environment. 

Our open, free, and natural approach provides amazing products that are good for your skin and the planet. Most importantly, we aim to encourage and challenge our community to do and be better for each other.


As the brainchild of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté, One Drop Foundation is imbued with boundless creativity and an artistic mindset. By using social art as a tool to foster behaviour change, they've developed the Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM (SABC) approach, which builds a profound sense of involvement, ownership, and empowerment in the communities in which they work.

One Drop Foundations's unique approach to achieving true long-term sustainability means they support local, national, and global communities in reaching their full potential. Access; Behaviour change; Capital. These make up their A·B·C for Sustainability™️ model. The combined power of these three components makes their projects sustainable by creating and enabling an environment for positive change.

We are so excited about this partnership, as One Drop Foundation's mission is so well aligned with our vision for a non-toxic future and healthier living for both individuals and the planet.

You can feel good knowing your purchases are doing more than improving your skin; with every dollar spent, you’re helping One Drop Foundation turn water into action.


The ONE DROP™️ name and logo, A·B·C for Sustainability™️ and Social Art for Behaviour Change™️ are trademarks owned by One Drop Foundation. © 2021 One Drop Foundation. All rights reserved.


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  • Shannon : March 08, 2022

    I love your products. I cant have a bath anymore without something in it! Thank you

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