Achieving Beach Hair

You know what we’re talking about - the beach waves that make you look like you just finished surfing yet are somehow ready to head straight out to a trendy bar.

Yes, those ones. How can I get beachy, summer, wavey, textured, seemingly effortless hair?


If you’re familiar with this look, then you’ve probably tried it before. And now, here are what your routine has been missing…

  1. Volumizing
  2. Nourishing
  3. Actually containing ingredients you would find at the beach

Whether you’re at home looking to replicate that idyllic summer beach hair, or you’re actually at the beach and in need of extra volume and nourishment, the Mermaid Collection has you covered.

It’s time to embrace your inner Mermaid…



  1. Mermaid Shampoo Bar: $8.95

Formulated for volumization and texture, the Buck Naked Mermaid Bar is made with skin and hair nourishing oils as well as a Dead Sea salt sole solution that maximizes these effects. Highly therapeutic due to the high concentration of minerals in Dead Sea salt, the sole solution in this bar helps soothe dry, itchy and flaky scalp while helping promote healthy hair. Dead Sea salt may also help rebalance irritated or greasy scalps.



  1. Mermaid Mist: Hair Texturizing Mist: $22.95

Add instant texture and soft beach waves to your hair. Our essential mineral rich Dead Sea Salt and Magnesium based formula helps nurture the scalp, stimulate hair growth and add volume. An enhanced formula, this mist is more and just volumizing, it’s also good for your hair. Aloe water and Brazil flower extract add natural luster, rice extract amino acids aid in conditioning and hydrating hair enhancing integrity and reducing moisture loss and antioxidants in the tomato bioferment help protect hair from oxidative stress.



  1. Carbon Diamond Turkish Cotton Beach & Bath Towel: $40

This best-selling Pokoloko medium-weight Turkish towel is a must-have. Adored for its hand-spun twisted-tassel fringe and designed to elevate your bath, beach, scarf, and travel game. This classic diamond weave is substantial and durable- made perfect for an outdoor picnic blanket and at-home accessory. With its refined elegance, you can be sure this Poko Towel is made to last. Also available as a hand towel!

Bonus: Own the full set for a discounted price.


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