3 police cruisers, 8 bicycle cops, 2 security guards all because I stood by John A Macdonald and talked about violence against Indigenous women

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At Buck Naked it's part of our mission to educate, celebrate and honour, just as much as it is to formulate bath and body products. We are moved by the experiences of others, and see it as part of our socially conscious responsibility to share what we know and help create avenues for learning and self development. 

Today we honour the Indigenous people who have gone missing and/or have been murdered, though sharing one woman's story. Today, Red Dress Day, a day of National Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, we look to raise awareness and help educate by introducing Indigenous Toronto artist, Keitha Keeshig-Tobias. The following is her story.


🖤❤💛🤍We Are Not Just Statistics🤍💛❤🖤
There are so many names. Too many for one person to remember, too many who suffer their loss. We come to the earth our mother for help, we send our prayers to our loved ones on the smoke from sweetgrass, sage, cedar, tobacco. If you know a name on the list, say it. If you don't know a name on the MMIW list you need to learn one and how they came to be on that list.

The Biggest risk factor in becoming a Missing Murdered Indigenous Woman is just someone knowing you are Indigenous.  Not risky behaviors. Not bad neighbourhoods. Not low income. Not drugs. Not alcohol. Not lack of education. Not even appearance. Just the simple fact that someone knows you are Indigenous. That’s all it takes. #MMIWG2ST



This RED DRESS holds the names of 5 MIW in so called Canada.  All added during the pandemic and all the result of SYSTEMATIC RACISM. 

❤️ Sierra Chalifoux-Thompson

❤️ Joyce Echaquan

❤️ Chantel Moore

❤️ Regis Korchinski Pacquet

❤️ Eishia Hudson




🖤❤💛🤍🦅 Resisting Colonization 500 + years ✊🏾🤍💛❤🖤


On July 1, 2019 while taping up two posters containing information about colonial violence and the Trudeau government I was handcuffed.  Three police cruisers zoomed down the middle of the parliament centre walk with 8 cops getting out. Moments later 8 bike cops arrived on the scene. Location: John A Macdonald - Queen’s Park. The offence: speaking the truth. 

I know eh ? Nothing scarier than a well educated indigenous woman speaking the truth.

4.3% Women in Canada are Indigenous women

3X more likely to go MISSING

5X more likely to be MURDERED

12X more likely to be VIOLENTLY ATTACKED


To learn more about my experience, please visit these links: July 1, 2019 + July 2, 2019


🖤❤💛🤍STOP expecting us to accept LESS than HUMAN RIGHTS 🤍💛❤🖤

Terms to look up;

Birth Alerts, MMIW, MMIWG2ST, Cindy Gladue, man camps, UNCEDED lands, gender discrimination of Indigenous women in Canada,  stats on violence against Indigenous women, convictions of non-Indigenous who commit violent acts against Indigenous, jury duty selection rules by- passing  Indigenous representation, Inuit dog-tags, 60s scoop, selling of Indigenous children, Indigenous children given up for adoption because medical treatment/equipment/medicine/support can not be offered to family while living ON-RESERVE, denying causes of illness (mercury, Lyme, chemical toxicity, etc), government seizing children because of low-income parents, government seizing children because mother was RAISED BY THE GOVERNMENT, stats of assaults, rapes, disappearances, murder increases after resource extraction project start-ups near Indigenous communities (man camps)


About the Author

Aanii Boozhoo (hello) 

My name is Keitha Keeshig-Tobias Biizindam (She who listens and learns and uses what she hears) 

I am Anishinaabe from Neyaashiinigamiing Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation & Delaware Nation from Moraviantown and am currently based in Toronto. 

I specialize in bringing forth complex issues and inspiration with beauty and grace. My style N8V-Nouveau incorporates science, history, current affairs, empathy and gracefulness in its meanings while expanding out into a variety of medias - paintings, murals and jewelry/textile beadwork. 

My favourite medium is dipped pen and ink, especially blue ink and is the inspiration for many of my other works. Blue like twilight, a time of transition, blue like the water which is Anishinaabe Women's privilege to cherish and protect. 

I've painted numerous murals in Toronto with Red Urban Nation Artist Collective, StreetART Toronto and through private commissions. The collection you see here includes my latest Red Dress Mural, the Red Dress Prayer Pillars located at Bickford Park, a banner for the 2019 Take Back The Night March and the 9 foot tall Red Dress displayed throughout Toronto during the #MocassinSideTrail walking tour and at many other events.


Keitha may be followed on Instagram 

Keitha's work may be seen and purchased on her website


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