2023 has been Bucking Brutal!

….and we are only two months in!  Thank you for the outpouring of support with the recent news of our medical emergency. Your comments, emails and general patience have meant the world to us. 

Almost three weeks ago, my husband John was admitted to the ICU for seizures caused by brain swelling. As you can imagine, our world has turned upside-down. The good news is he is slowly coming off the ventilator. The bad news is, we do not know what has caused this and he will have a long road of recovery ahead of him.

I am grateful for the excellent care he is getting. I am grateful for the amazing staff and customers who have been so supportive and understanding. This has been the hardest time of our lives, and we are getting through it with the love and support of all of you! 

To thank you, and frankly because we need something to celebrate, we will be having some sales to show our deep love back. Many of you have shared that this year has been rough also, and being human is always a difficult thing to navigate.  It is my hope that these sales will make it even easier to access self care at a time when it is key to our sanity.

Big love,


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