Afghanistan Jade Divine Feminine Crystal Figurine

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Tap into your Divine Feminine with our collection of mini-crystal figurines - handcrafted and artisan carved. Bringing a calming and soothing energy to any environment, they also elevate joy and happiness in your daily routine. Use as a showstopper piece to infuse yourself and room with Divine Feminine energies, to make and manifest them into the world. Look to these figurines as a reminder to pause and centre yourself.

Also know as Serpentine, Afghanistan Jade helps calm the nerves and embodies the wisdom that comes with tranquillity and helps bring body and mind into one. It is associate with the 3rd Eye chakra, arousing intuition and the heart chakra, intensifying feelings of love. As Serpentine translates to ‘stone snake’, this crystal is associated with opening a pathway for Kundalini energy.