Labradorite Divine Feminine Crystal Figurine

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Tap into your Divine Feminine with our collection of mini-crystal figurines - handcrafted and artisan carved. Bringing a calming and soothing energy to any environment, they also elevate joy and happiness in your daily routine. Use as a showstopper piece to infuse yourself and room with Divine Feminine energies, to make and manifest them into the world. Look to these figurines as a reminder to pause and centre yourself.

Due to its ability to change colour with the light, Labradorite is often called a “stone of transformation”. Connected to the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, Labradorite connects us with our higher selves and the Divine. A shied for bad vibrations, Labradorite aids those experiencing traumas, emotional breakdowns, and helps to give strength, courage, focus, and being goal oriented.